Avius gets a thumbs up with new touchless feedback

Avius is a Bournemouth-based software company, formed by three university friends. From its ideation back in 2006 the company has grown into a respected global provider of customer feedback software solutions. As technology has improved and evolved, so has Avius – providing Voice of Customer solutions to clients in 28 countries and a variety of industries.

Bouncepad and Avius have had a long-standing relationship, so we caught up with our good friend Afshin, Account Manager at Avius, about why they choose to work with us.

“The reason we continue to use Bouncepad is because of the quality of the product. It’s the highest quality case we can source and that we’ve ever tested. It meets all of our criteria in terms of security, design and usability. The range that you have is great – we have clients that have very specific requirements across so many different industries.”

Customer feedback is collected in a variety of environments, from leisure centers and theme parks to public bathrooms. For Avius, this means they need a variety of enclosures for different use cases. “The majority of our orders are Floorstanding products as they require high visibility, but as we’ve branched out into facility management and restroom feedback, the Wallmount and Vesa have come in handy.”

“In the last three years, we’ve been expanding into facilities management and restroom feedback, especially in airports. Many airports are trying to move into a touchless experience, and the pandemic has accelerated this. Generally, the fewer barriers to giving feedback, the more feedback you can expect to see.”

Avius’ touchless feedback software provides both a touch and touch free feedback. Smart Code offers a dynamic code for visitors to scan and Gestures allows visitors to simply gesture a thumbs up or thumbs down to submit their feedback. For this to work effectively, the tablet needs to be presented flat against the wall and perpendicular to the floor. Avius opted for our Vesa wall mounted product, which fixes your tablet flat against the wall and at eye level.

“We have been using Bouncepad since we moved to tablets. As the technology became available and products like Bouncepad made it doable for us, we moved away from larger kiosks to tablet devices. We appreciate the good relationship we have with you and we’ve always received great service throughout the 7 years we’ve worked with you.”