Eddy hits the road with Temper and Glaze

Temper and Glaze is a mobile coffee house that travels around events such as music festivals and car shows, offering delicious coffees and baked goods. The Co-founder, Jasmin Hartley, was a finalist on The Great Australian Bake Off back in 2015. After the show finished, Jasmin found her cakes were in high demand which inspired her to pursue baking and start up Temper and Glaze.
In 2016, Jasmin and her Fiancé, Philip Norris, bought a 1960s vintage caravan which they renovated with the help of her dad. “It was great, but it was too small for us,” Jasmin explains. “We decided it was time for an upgrade and bought a van which we renovated during lockdown.
”The travelling van offers a variety of hot drinks, from classic coffees to more adventurous options like a white hot chocolate mocha. Cakes and brownies are also on offer, baked by Jasmin herself.

How are you using tablets?

“We use Square to run our till and we have the Bouncepad Eddy Light mounted to our front counter. We just use our own iPad in the stand as a till and if we need to spin it around to the customer to check their order, then we can.”

Why did you choose Bouncepad?

“We were on the hunt for a nice-looking tablet holder for a long time. Previously, we were using an ugly, clunky one. I was desperate for one that looked nice from both sides because that’s important as our customers are going to be in front of us. When I found your website, I thought the products were perfect. There were quite a few that I liked, but I chose the one with a speckled base as our countertop has a speckled base, so it just fit perfectly.”

What makes Eddy perfect for your use case?

“The main thing that drew me to the Eddy was the design. We spent a lot of time on the design of the van to make it appealing and attractive. We’ve got a fake foliage roof and some hexagon tiles – it just looks cool. We didn’t want an ugly enclosure ruining it. It would be an eye sore because it’s almost the first thing the customer sees. I was looking for something that had a sleek and cool design and I found exactly that on your website.” “In terms of features, it was important to us that the stand could rotate and tilt. We sit in the van to serve our customers, so it needs to be able to tilt down to us when we are taking the orders but also tilt up for tall standing customers on the outside of the van. It’s been perfect because we need to be able to move it every way you can imagine, and the Bouncepad Eddy does just that. Not many products on the market can spin around and tilt.” Give Temper and Glaze a follow on Instagram here.