Yabie and Bouncepad team up to offer the perfect checkout solution

Yabie offers seamless cash register solutions to streamline your sales. The company started in 2017 and is based in Stockholm. We caught up with Tobias Berg, Head of Marketing, about why they’ve chosen to pair their software with the Bouncepad Eddy.

What is Yabie?

We make Point of Sale (POS) systems that are iOS based – this means it’s either iPhone or iPad. Traditionally, we’ve mainly worked with larger retail chains – which we call enterprise customers – but in summer 2019 we started on a new path working with SME’s.

Before, we were focused on the mobility aspect of the POS system, such as having an iPhone or iPad you can walk around the store with. Now that we are working with SME’s, there’s a bigger request for them to have a stationary system somewhere in the store.

We launched a completely new product about a year ago particularly for this SME market.

The idea was that we wanted something that would stand out and show off the product. The first thing that people see is usually the stand or the iPad. We decided it was important to find a stand that really worked with our brand. We started using the Space Pole stand but decided this wasn’t right for us so began a search for a better stand and that’s when we came across Bouncepad.

How did you find Bouncepad?

My colleague and I wrote a long list of the things we wanted from a stand. We started looking around everywhere and we found a few, but most of them were very big and clunky. We were looking for something that had a small footprint. We had a lot of trouble finding something that fit what we wanted.

I was Googling one day and a Bouncepad popped up. It immediately ticked all of our criteria requirements.

What did your list of criteria consist of?

The design was probably the most important thing. We wanted something that had a modern and sleek feel to it. We found that the Space Poles weren’t that stable, a lot of our customers didn’t want to drill any holes, so they used double sided tape which meant they were wobbly as well as clunky. This meant that stability was another important factor. The features very also very important, for example being able to tilt it and turn it around. Our customers use email receipts, so it’s useful if the stand can just be swivelled round so the customer can enter their email address. The ability to hide the cable was also a bonus. Price point was also considered, and this was within our budget.

What sort of feedback have you had from your customers?

We’ve got a lot of feedback from our resellers. They have been really happy with it, partly because of the way it looks. When you’ve done a new installation, they look great. Especially because a lot of these customers have previously used old PC based systems or the old ECRs which are basically big boxes. For them, the visual impact is pretty big and the fact it’s stable, you can turn it around and it’s not clunky is perfect.