What is tablet POS?

A tablet POS means using a tablet or iPad as a point of sale. A fuss-free replacement for your outdated and clunky till; easy to implement and quick to train your staff on. Pair you tablet with a robust enclosure and download a POS app – our top picks are here. You can learn more about how to use a tablet as a point of sale here.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

Using a tablet for point of sale makes the payment process more versatile for both employee and customer. With the latest technology and updates, internal processes are fast and accurate. Inventory is up-to-date, meaning employees can relay the most accurate information to customers, payments can be taken quickly and seamlessly and can be integrated with mobile payment systems (such as Apply Pay). Using a tablet as a point of sale gives your employees the tools to deliver the best possible customer service.

How can a tablet POS help my business?

According to ShopKeep, 27.7 million mPOS systems will be in place by 2022. Using a tablet for POS can save space, help prevent real-world cart abandonment, reduce queues and offer flexibility. You can learn all the ways it could help your store here and you can find out how restaurants are already deploying it here.

Which Bouncepad product is best for tablet POS?

If you’re using an iPad or tablet as a point of sale, you want to help it survive the wear-and-tear of daily life, whilst being able to fulfil its potential. Bouncepad products present tablets at the perfect angle and height for interaction whilst keeping them secure to avoid snatch-and-grabs. We’ve hand-picked our four best enclosures for POS:

Flip: The Bouncepad Flip sits elegantly on your counter top, the perfect solution for point of sale applications. The weighted base and skilfully engineered hinge of this iPad POS stand lets you share the screen between sales person and customer with a smooth flipping motion.

Counter: Simple to move around on the countertop, this enclosure is great for pop-ups and other temporary installations. The Counter is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst standing at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction, all without permanent fixing.

Flex: This enclosure offers a full range of movement with a flexible stalk that lets you use the screen at any angle. The Flex allows you to use your tablet with maximum interaction without compromising on comfort or security.