Out of The Ordinary: DECIEM Pop-up

DECIEM – the ‘abnormal’ beauty company – pride themselves on authenticity and creating products of “Exceptional quality”. Following this ethos in all aspects of the company, the brand is a popular retailer which has grown rapidly since its opening in 2013.

Primarily selling products through e-commerce, department stores and a few of their own shops, DECIEM held a London-based pop-up to raise brand awareness, give customers the chance to see physical products and form relationships with prospective buyers and returning customers.

Recognising that pop-ups often come hand-in-hand with spatial limitations, DECIEM implemented a strategy that meant they could still show-off their entire product range to ensure they could reach full potential with their temporary store.

To achieve this, they installed a Bouncepad Floorstanding model, equipped with access to their website and web-based application to educate both customers and employees with product information. Learn how to lock your tablet in one application here.

As a modern, on-trend company, DECIEM chose Bouncepad because of our on-brand design and unique charging options:

“It was the sleek design that matched our concept, also there was no plug outlet for overnight charging, so the mobile charging option was great. Overall it was a very positive experience; sleek design, excellent external charging option and quick delivery.” – Tanalee Learning, DECIEM Retail Procurement Manager