How to put on a show(room)

As an online retailer, showrooms are the perfect way to dip your toe in to the world of brick and mortar retail. They are scalable, great for testing omnichannel and give you an opportunity to get involved with big tech in small ways.

Opening a showroom is a natural progression for an online-only store. Look at Glossier and DECIEM, previously online-only, the beauty brands gradually expanded their reach by opening showrooms around the world. After mastering the online realm, they’ve tactically expanded in to the physical world, pandering to the en vogue behavior of experiential retail. Boasting creative spaces and pioneering technology, these cult brands pave the way for the online-led generation.

Endless aisles, click and collect and self-service are a few examples of up-to-date tech you can implement in your showroom.

The full experience

Experiential marketing helps online sellers reach consumers in a physical sense. Creative showrooms give consumers a reason to visit your store thus helping you compete with bricks and mortar contenders. Showrooming allows you to concentrate on the customer journey, experience and interior design of the space. This allows you to create a memorable experience with seamless payment and customer service, whilst offering more products than ever before.

Show off your products

Pairing products with technology means you can display your entire range whilst using minimum floor space. Customers can try before they buy; free to test products, feel products and understand products, then opt for home-delivery straight to their door. With self-service tablets dotted around the space, customers can browse in their own time, just like they could at the Amazon pop-up.

Location, location

Great for places where rent is high and space is limited, showrooms can do more with less. In-line with this generation’s shopper, stores can be beautifully designed, with the focus on experience and aesthetics rather than size. Location is important for footfall so now the savings on space can be spent on location.

Beat the store next door

A showroom is all about showing off and gaining the biggest reach possible without needing the full space of an average store. Social media is one way of doing exactly this. Instagram is a cult platform, getting your store snapped and shared across the app is guaranteed to get you’re your name out there and lure customers in. Considering the photogenic aspects of your store at the design stage can improve brand identity and increase footfall. You can see how to make your store Instagrammable here. Qualities that are unique to your space can also be a great way to tempt consumers to visit the physical shop – give them an experience they can’t get anywhere else (online or offline). This can range from exclusive in-store discounts to freebies and unforgettable experiences.


Technology is a huge part of hosting a successful showroom. To make your small space really pack-a-punch it needs the most up-to-date technology to help it run smoothly. This doesn’t need to be complicated; an iPad point of sale can ensure seamless transactions, up-to-date inventory and takes up minimum counter space. iPads can also be used for click and collect purposes, self-service and digital product guides. This means customer can see the products in real life, then order them on an iPad straight to their home, just like they could at the DECIEM showroom.

And remember, there’s no business like showroom business!