Static 60: The secret to bringing content to life

The Static 60 is an elegant tablet kiosk, ergonomically designed for easy use when mounted to a counter. The Static 60 draws attention to content and encourages interaction making it the perfect enclosure for digital signage or self-service use cases.

Digital signage injects life and movement into content using consumer-friendly touch points. Presenting your content on a tablet can entice customers and promote your core message in a more engaging way. It saves you time, money and gives you freedom to think bigger. It might be a higher cost investment, but you can quickly change your visuals at no extra cost, push content without waiting for it to be printed, and create animated and engaging visuals that have a far bigger impact on passers-by.

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Spruce up your counter with an interactive campaign to improve engagement in store. The Static 60 is a versatile solution for a plethora of use cases. When mounted to your surface, it won’t budge. Fixed in position, it stands straight and looks great when mounted in an orderly row on your exhibition stand. If you’re looking for something with a little more flexibility, check out the Bouncepad Flex.

Take a look at our case study with Selfridges and Nutella to see the Static 60 in action.

Counter 60

Looking for a more temporary solution? Have a look at the Counter 60 – a freestanding tablet kiosk that provides robust stability without the permanent fixing. Perfect for pop-up stalls or a counter that is subject to change, the Counter 60 offers the same features as the Static 60, but with a little less commitment.