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Bouncepad - Secure Tablet & iPad POS Stand

Eddy & Caddy

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Eddy & Caddy is a combo of two great products that work together to keep your POS counter space clutter-free.

Eddy, our iPad Stand for POS, takes care of your tablet, it's adjustable, secure and manages the cable. Caddy is Eddy's little helper, managing peripheral devices like card readers and receipt printers, keeping their power cables tidy and concealed. It’s the perfect Tablet and iPad stand setup for retail and hospitality.

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Tech Specs

Tablet Compatibility:

This product is compatible with Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets. From the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro 12.9, Eddy caters for tablets big and small. For optimal fit, foam inserts are provided to help secure your tablet firmly between the jaws.

Material: Powder coated aluminium / PC-ABS plastic

Compatible tablet sizes: 

Thickness: 5.5mm (min) to 8mm (max)

Width:135mm (min) to 220mm (max)

Length: N/A

Disclaimer: Tablets with a width between 135mm and 165mm need to be at least 6mm thick to ensure optimum security. If your tablet size is at the extremes of the dimensions, please contact us.

Colour options:

Black / White / Green

Cable: is not included but can be purchased as an extra.

Kensington Lock: is not included

For full product dimensions download our datasheet using the link lower down the page.

  • Tilt

    Over 90° of screen angle adjustment for optimal interaction.

  • Rotating Base

    The rotating base allows easy screen-sharing around 350°.

  • Secure

    Lock your tablet into the adjustable jaws.

  • Tablet Universal

    Compatible with most tablets big and small.

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  • Simple screen-sharing

    Eddy’s rotating base allows easy screen-sharing around 350° and a hinge which gives over 90° of screen angle adjustment.

  • Organize Tools

    Tired of a messy counter? Use Eddy & Caddy to organise your tools and peripherals for a tidy counter 24/7.

  • Cable Management

    Keep cables and charging devices tidy and organised using Caddy's system of hooks and ties.

  • Perfect Fit

    Caddy sits happily on top of a medium cash drawer and can be setup to suit various layout requirements.

  • Tablet Universal

    Commitment issues? Being compatible with all major tablets means Eddy doesn’t have to be exclusive to one model.

  • Mount to your Counter Top

    Eddy & Caddy offer multiple mounting and security options. If you're more concerned with flexibility and portability, both can be left freestanding.

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    Bouncepad Counter - A secure tablet & iPad tablet stand in White.

Secure Tablet & iPad POS Stands

POS providers like Lightspeed, Vend, and Shopify have made tablet-based POS systems go mainstream, leaving behind the outdated and unwieldy cash registers with their poor back-end interfaces. While there's a wealth of tablet stand choices for POS, Bouncepad designed the perfect one. Eddy & Caddy is a secure, universal tablet and iPad POS stand that keeps your counter space clutter-free.

  • Fast and free delivery

  • 12 month warranty

  • Multi tablet

  • 30 day return policy

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