Swivel Desk

The Bouncepad Swivel Desk is a secure, rotating tablet kiosk ergonomically designed for easy interaction when mounted to a counter, table or desk. This tablet kiosk lies low on your surface and rotates to achieve the perfect position for easy interaction. This enclosure is compatible with iPad, Samsung and Microsoft tablets, See detailed tech specs below.

  • – Shortest stalk in the range

  • – Rotating Mounting Arm allows a smooth interaction between you and your customers
  • – POS capabilities
  • – Can be mounted in landscape or portrait
  • – Cables neatly stored inside to keep your device powered

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Short and sweet

With its short rotating stalk, the Bouncepad Swivel Desk is the versatile, low-profile option you’ve been looking for.

Smooth interaction

Perfect for point of sale, the Swivel Desks rotating mounting arm makes for a seamless exchange of inform between you and your customer. Rotation is set at 270 degrees as standard, or can be limited to 180 or 90 degrees.

Easy installation

No need to outsource a handyman for construction. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions for a fuss-free installation.

Smart power options

Looks aren’t everything, but they are important. Run your cables through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy.

Customize to your content

The Swivel Desk can be mounted in portrait or landscape, making it adaptable to the needs of your content.

Tablet compatibility

This product is compatible with many tablets, large and small. For optimal fit with your tablet, we have four different enclosure sizes. You can see the full compatibility details below. Please note: selecting your tablet when you add an item to your basket will automatically assign the correct case type.

Colour options



Faceplate options

Covered Home Button & covered front camera

Exposed Home Button & exposed front camera

Cable: is not included

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